Toronto, ON / Toronto International Film Festival
Calgary, AB / Calgary International Film Festival
Vancouver, BC / Neurovascular Connections
Toronto, ON / Hot Docs Members Screening & Discussion
Akron, OH / Gathr Screening
Buffalo-Niagara, NY / Gathr Screening
Whitby, ON / Landmark Screenings
Ottawa, ON / Landmark Screenings
Calgary, AB / Landmark Screenings
Edmonton, AB / Landmark Screenings
Surrey, BC / Landmark Screening
St. Paul, MN / Gathr Screening
San Ramon, CA / Gathr Screening
Southern Tier, NY / Gathr Screening
Houston, TX / Gathr Screening
Ontario, CA / Gathr Screening
Rochester, NY / Gathr Screening
Kingston, ON / Kingston Canadian Film Festival
San Antonio, TX / Gathr Screening
Raleigh, NC / Gathr Screening
Chicago, IL / Gathr Screening
Melbourne, AU / Screening & Q&A
Springfield, MA / Gathr Screening
Sofia, Bulgaria / Q&A and Screening
Plodiv, Bulgaria / Q&A and Screening
Cedar Rapids, IA / The Wahls Protocol Seminar & Retreat
Oakville, ON / CineMuskoka Film Festival
Greenock, Scotland / Screening
Sedona, Arizona / Sedona International Film Festival

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